Shamanic Massage

"There is movement of spirit that proceeds from within your heart to greet the world with the clarity of perfect action. That movement is intuitive."

Ken Carey

early beginnings

My studies in holistic massage and eco shamanism took place roughly in the same year from the beginning of 2017 to the Spring of 2018 and I found that people were willing to be guinea pigs with great enthusiasm! Encouraged, I was free to deepen my own practice as well as remain open to new developments. After completing the trainings, a natural unfolding took place where these two modalities came together harmoniously and with every situation being unique, I felt brave enough to work more consciously with the fusion.

integrity & requirements

When receiving holistic massage, touch is the sense that helps to connect you to yourself and shamanic healing touches the soul via the sixth sense, connecting beyond our physical human realm. Shamanic massage is a conscious blend of the above. There is an invitation to openness and receptivity from different levels. There are always healthy boundaries in place. Having an element of self awareness in your own journey may draw you to this new modality: Shamanic Massage. 

observations and putting the ego to one aside

When engaging with shamanic massage, new awareness begins to emerge as heart energy that rests in spirit rather than resting purely in the conception of the mind and body. No one area is isolated and it is by being  truly grounded  in the body that the physical senses can draw in the richness of the surrounding worlds. Integrity and unity of being, integration of purpose and expression resonate with all that which wishes to flow into the healing and transformative work. We are never alone! This connection enables balance as spirit and matter.

Shamanic Massage Offers

A unique meeting of intuitive touch and movement of spirit

that proceeds from the heart

Invites healing and insight into life, spiritual and physical health

Individually tailored to meet the needs of the client.

The potential for powerful shifts and release work

A modality of working in massage and body work with a deepening

approach through shamanic practice.

happy to chat

If you resonate with the idea of a shamanic massage and you would like to know more, please contact me and I would be happy to chat to discover whether this is something that would be ok for your own healing journey or if I can help - occasionally I have done  a shamanic journey for guidance.


My experience of Shamanic Healing/Extraction with Lisa was a journey into the unknown. I trusted her implicitly and at no time did I feel concerned or upset.

Her hands on my body were soothing, comforting, safe. Her voice and presence relaxed me and gave the confidence to let go and let the process take its course. The next day my physical pain had significantly reduced and my spirit felt lighter.  



 I received healing from Lisa last year for an emotional issue and initially felt no change other than being nicely relaxed and cheerful as I left.
After a couple of days, however, I felt a growing improvement and joy that my particular problem was easing, accompanied by a profound glow of self-knowledge. I am left with the reassurance that my body, mind and spirit are now appreciably changed for the better and I feel the benefits every day.
I have another session booked and I look forward to deepening this feeling which, without beginning to understand Lisa'a gift for healing, I can only call self-love.

Andrew Pearson

Lisa is a gifted healer in the true sense of the word; she is intuitive, with a beautiful generous spirit and an encouraging approach, which at all times are supported by her utmost professionalism whilst working in an atmosphere of safety.

The healing experience has 'held', I've noticed a subtle but powerful shift, which has enabled me to discover the tools and empowerment I need for my life ahead.

Lisa is deeply committed, skilled and gifted in accessing information through her Shamanic work and I would highly recommend her to anyone on the path of self-awareness.

Catherine Murray

My shamanic massage with Lisa was not like any other massage I have had. She works intuitively with different levels of being, not just the physical as massages predominantly do. 


Words are quite inadequate at times but one very clear healing came when she worked on a very specific part of my body. She recalled after that she had energetically removed a bullet from my leg and described the circumstances of this event from a past life.  It wasn't until a few days later I connected this with an experience of an unexplained injury to the exact same place in my leg that occurred whilst I was doing a massage some years before that had left me unable to walk properly.


It was a very relaxing experience, completely trusting in Lisa and the flow of what she was doing.

Lucy Stott

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