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E n e r g y   A l c h e m y

Once, I experienced seeing all forms around me dissolve and blend into one vibration at the same time; like an energy shift, change, or alchemy. Whilst remaining conscious in the physical body, I remember feeling at peace knowing that I too was that vibration

The terracotta figure shown on this page is of the Roman Goddess Flora. She is the goddess of flowers, the season of spring, a symbol for nature and flowers. She reminds us that we are beings of nature with a physical body, we are earth of the Earth and we are divine. We too can birth, rebirth, blossom and come to fruition. On reflection, I have lived my life by constantly moving and transforming, feeling like a clay vessel with an individual heart song. By being creative and caring for others, I have remained sensitive and connected to more than the human world

I truly came into my own, to do the work that I now offer, through the practise and study of Eco Shamanism and a solid foundational training in Holistic Massage Therapy. The vibrational blend of energy of these practices began to emerge as a tool to connecting with the Whole. Essentially, the gift of energy alchemy is potentially in us all and I offer a connection in that journey that is unique to each individual. Ultimately a journey to Self Love.

H U M A N 

"...Its like I have never been comfortable in my own skin - never - and now I am a jigsaw, all the pieces have fallen into place and I feel calm. After this (shamanic healing) I feel peace in my heart and it feels full and not heavy, just full and happy"


N A T U R E 

"Lisa has an intuitive sense when meeting her clients, it is holistic in the truest sense that she addresses the unseen and the unspoken with tenderness and humility"

Mandy Pullen



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